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To be honest, university's only benefit to me was a diploma except a social life.


It is a Non Governmental Organization. I taught about social responsibility to intermediate school students. I worked along 2 years at this project. It was a developer project for myself.


The foreign trip is a dream for all young people, especially Turkish ones, like me. If you are a university student, Erasmus is the shortest way to go to foreign countries. I also chose this way. I studied at Universidad de Jaen in Spain. I have also seen other six European countries during my Europe tour. I met many different culture.I am still very happy to evaluate this experience.


The roots of all life are nature. But unfortunately we forgot our root, real emotions, warmth even think healthly. The mountains help us to discover ourselves. If someone ask me about mountains; I say I born in a city feeling in a space but i want to die at top of a mountain by feeling freedom.


If you want achieve your dream by helping others achieve their dreams. You should be in this industry.



I want to create new softwares to mobile, desktop and web applications. To make all of them learning .Net is very exciting.


I have never wanted to live like an engineer. But recently after my thoughts Software Engineering, i want to think and produce like an engineer. So, i want to gain engineering experience on software.


 We have an exam to go to the university in Turkey.We are getting prepared to this exam for 12 years. So, all of us choose our occupations with this exam's results not with our imagines. We are studying while we don't know what we are learning.After our graduation we are looking like a fish came out of water.And we are feeling we have to work in this area unhappily. I lived this experience. And I don't want anybody to live this. So I want to establish an assosiation to make people conscious for the right profession choices.


Books, jazz music, tales, writers, conversations, readers, white walls, white tables and comfortable chairs ... When you are in this cafe, you will feel freedom. This place will be a resting station for the people.


I want to create trademark of companies at this ageny. I also want to work with my best friends in free times at a relaxing office.